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Google gives Pixel 4 XL an extra year of free repairs for power issues

Google gives Pixel 4 XL an extra year of free repairs for power issues


The extended repair program covers a range of problems

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Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verg

If your out-of-warranty Pixel 4 XL has been exhibiting some problems, you might be able to get a free repair. Google recently posted a support page outlining a “one-year extended repair program” for the larger of its two 2019 flagships. Those who are eligible can receive a free repair for up to a year after their original warranty expires. As for who’s covered by this program, Google points to “certain power-related issues.”

More specifically, the company says these are the problems that “may” get a free repair:

  • A Pixel 4 XL that can’t be powered on
  • The Pixel 4 XL restarts or shuts down randomly without any user action
  • Charging problems with the power adapter
  • Wireless charging issues
  • The battery on a Pixel 4 XL is draining “significantly faster than earlier in its use”

That’s a pretty wide spread of potential ways to qualify for the repair program. But Google cautions that if there are other major problems with your phone (like a damaged screen) that “prevent” the complimentary repair, those will have to be fixed first — and for a fee.

Pixel 4 XL owners can bring their device to a uBreakiFix store to see if it qualifies for a free fix. According to Android Police, repair staff at those locations are very familiar with the situation. You can also start the repair process directly with Google to see if your issue is covered.

The extended repair program is available in the US, Canada, Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan. Google specifies that it does not apply in Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, or the UK. That’s because Pixel 4 XLs purchased in those countries already came with a longer two-year manufacturer’s warranty.