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Yep, Jordan Peele’s next movie is called Nope

Yep, Jordan Peele’s next movie is called Nope


A mysterious cloud is rolling in

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Critically acclaimed and Oscar-winning director Jordan Peele’s next “terror” is officially called Nope, according to a poster the director shared on Thursday. The details of the project remain (delightfully) shrouded in mystery, and you’ll still have a bit longer to wait before you can see it yourself — Nope is scheduled to be released in theaters on July 22nd, 2022.

There’s not a ton to go off of in the poster Peele tweeted, but it does feature an ominous dark cloud with what looks like a kite string trailing out the back of it. Peele’s tease of his last film Us was equally evocative and obtuse, so while there’s probably meaning to be gleaned from a mysterious cloud rolling over a mountain town, it’s also just nice to let the mystery be.

The new poster also confirms that the cast for Nope is as stacked as the film is mysterious. Both Steven Yeun and Daniel Kaluuya were rumored to be in talks to join the film in April 2021, but now their participation is confirmed. Keke Palmer was cast in the film in February as the female lead. What exactly the three actors will have to do with a physical (and likely metaphorical) cloud remains to be seen, but feel free to get your meteorological speculative engines running while we begin the wait for a trailer.