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New Samsung Flip and Fold leaks show water resistance, renders, and an S Pen case

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The rumored S Pen for the Fold will apparently be stored in a case

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Image: Evan Blass on Twitter

New leaks suggest Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 will both have IPX8 water resistance, which would put them more on par with Samsung’s non-folding phones. The information was posted earlier by Max Weinbach and now corroborated by Evan Blass, who tweeted the rating along with what appears to be an image from Samsung showing the phones getting splashed. The water resistance tidbit adds to the pile of leaks and images that we’ve seen leading up to Samsung’s August 11th Unpacked event, where the phones are expected to be announced.

As SlashGear points out, the rumored IPX8 rating for the phones doesn’t cover dust resistance, something that’s been a bit of a concern since Samsung started making folding phones. (This explainer does a good job of going over how IP ratings work.) However, an official water resistance rating would likely be a relief for those worried about the durability of the historically expensive handsets. It also lets the phones fit in better with the rest of Samsung’s flagships, which have had water resistance for years.

Blass’ tweet also mentions the camera and screen specs for the phones, as well as the S Pen options that will reportedly be available for the Z Fold 3. Thanks to a separate leak, we’ve also got an idea how Samsung wants us to attach the stylus to the phone: using a case that fits it in right over the hinge. It’s a similar approach to how Samsung handled the inclusion of pen support on the Galaxy S21 Ultra, though maybe a touch more elegant.

The pen slides in right over the Z Fold 3’s hinge.
Image: 91Mobiles
It kind of looks like the world’s coolest PDA.
Image: 91Mobiles

We’ve also seen what are reportedly leaked official marketing renders of the Z Flip 3 from WinFuture, giving us a good look at the bigger outside screen and re-oriented dual cameras (though they unfortunately don’t show the fun two-tone color scheme we’ve seen in previous leaks). The outside screen on the original Z Flip and Z Flip 5G was tiny, relegating the notifications and clock to a corner of the phone’s cover. The next generation seems to be making it easier for those trying to see their notifications, or take selfies with the main cameras.

The screen and cameras on the Z Flip’s lid.
Image: WinFuture
The inside of the phone looks mostly familiar.
Image: WinFuture

The rumors of water resistance and the Z Fold’s S Pen compatibility point towards Samsung’s foldable phones receiving features that its more traditional phones have already gotten. It would be a step towards making them less of an extravagant purchase and more of a practical one, but there’s still a ways to go — even when discounted, the Z Flip 5G and Z Fold 2 come at a price premium, and can be worse in some ways (looking at you, Z Flip camera).