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Discord now has Threads

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Discord threads are designed to improve back-and-forth conversations

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Discord is launching its Threads feature today to allow servers to improve the back-and-forth of conversations on the service. Threads is distinctly different from the Replies feature that Discord introduced last year, and users will be able to create new threaded conversations using a new “#” option across Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and the web today.

Threads work very similar to how they do in many other chat clients, allowing Discord users to branch off a conversation away from a main channel feed. A separate feed is generated for threaded conversations, and Discord server admins will be able to control which members of a server can participate in threads. Moderators will even be able to remove people from threads if they’re being troublesome.

The new Discord Threads feature.
Image: Discord

Discord is also introducing both public and private threads. Public threads in a channel will let any members with the send messages permission start and reply to threads, but private threads will allow certain members to create and chat in private. You’ll be able to @ invite people into a private thread or manually add them.

Discord will automatically archive threads within 24 hours to try to reduce the clutter for channels. You’ll still be able to read threads in an archive tab, but you won’t be able to reply to them once they’re archived. Server admins can configure this up to three days for archive by default, but if a server is boosted to level 2 with Nitro boosts, then private threads and a one-week archive option will be available.

Mods will be able to remove members from Discord threads.
Image: Discord

Threads will open up into a split-view panel in Discord, with an option to see a thread full-screen by clicking on it in the channel list. In a busy server, that does mean the channel list could be about to grow in size if users create multiple threads. But the overall goal is to avoid the headache of multiple different conversations happening at once in a single channel, and threads will certainly be useful for the more active Discord servers.