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Airbnb’s new tool makes it easier for hosts to list Wi-Fi speeds for remote work getaways

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Avoid slow internet at your next rental

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Airbnb is adding a new tool for hosts that will let them easily test and list their Wi-Fi speeds on listings. The new addition is in recognization of the fact that — particularly with the current remote work and school model — customers are renting Airbnb properties not just for vacations but for working trips that provide a change of scenery. In that vein, knowing that you’ll actually be able to have strong internet when you’re booking is a useful feature.

While it’s been possible for hosts to list Wi-Fi speeds or share screenshots of speed tests before, the new tool is integrated directly into Airbnb’s app (using M-Lab’s open-source software) and allows for Wi-Fi speed to be displayed directly on a listing alongside other information about a property.

And by utilizing a standardized test that’s built into its app, Airbnb can help make sure that customers will actually be getting an accurate picture of what to expect at the property: hosts can only display the results that the Airbnb app’s speed test actually finds, instead of inflating or rounding up numbers.

The new speed test feature is rolling out now in the US and will expand globally “in the coming weeks.”