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TikTok is returning to normal after experiencing issues on Tuesday

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I personally had problems logging in

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

The TikTok app “should be returning to normal” after it experienced issues on Tuesday, according to the app’s support account on Twitter.

Earlier on Tuesday, I wasn’t able to log in to the app on either the web or my phone. When I tried, I got the following message, which felt like it was downplaying what was going on: “There is a small problem with the server, fixing it now.” Now, though, I am able to log in and use TikTok on iOS and the web as normal.

During the worst of the issues, they appeared to be fairly widespread, with more than 40,000 user reports of problems on DownDetector at one point.

There were also many people on Twitter posting during the downtime using the #tiktokdown hashtag. I gotta say, the memes on this hashtag were pretty good.

Update July 6th, 9:41PM ET: TikTok says the service is returning to normal.