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Cowboy’s excellent third-generation electric bike gets discounted to €1,990

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Down from its original launch price of €2,290

Photo by Thomas Ricker / The Verge

Cowboy’s third generation electric bike, the appropriately named Cowboy 3, has received another discount. Going forward, it will now sell for €1,990 (£1,690), €300 cheaper than its original launch price of €2,290. That price includes mudguards, which Cowboy recently started including as standard, as well as free delivery in 10 days. This latest price cut comes a little over two months after Cowboy reduced the price of its third-gen bike to €2,190.

The reason for the price drop is obvious. The Cowboy 3 came out one year ago, and a successor, the Cowboy 4, was announced in May. So yes, you’re getting a slightly older model without the new version’s improved powertrain or integrated wireless charging dock for your phone. But we really liked the Cowboy 3 when we reviewed it last year. It’s got helpful features like built-in crash detection, and it’s also remarkably sleek for an electric bike with a removable battery.

Meanwhile, the new Cowboy 4 is currently due to ship this fall. It’ll be joined by the Cowboy 4 ST, a version with a step-through frame. Both new bikes will retail for for €2,490 / £2,290.