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Leaked Galaxy Watch photos show Samsung and Google’s new smartwatch OS on an actual device

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The photos don’t reveal much, though

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Photos of the rumored Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.
Image: 91mobiles

We’re a little over a week away from Samsung’s next Unpacked event, but new photos from 91mobiles may have revealed our first in-person look at two things we could see at the show: the rumored Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and the new smartwatch OS from Samsung and Google.

The two photos from 91moblies show off black and silver watches with rounded bezels, matching a design seen in leaked renders from Android Headlines and detailed GIFs posted by noted leaker Evan Blass in July. Perhaps more significantly, the photos show the new smartwatch OS (currently referred to as Wear) on actual devices for the first time. But disappointingly, there isn’t much to see — just an initial setup screen and a screen asking the user to set the time.

Google and Samsung announced they would be essentially merging Wear OS and Tizen at Google I/O in May, promising improvements to battery life, faster app loading times, and other more. And in May, Samsung gave us an idea of what the new OS will look like on its devices (and it looks great in what the company showed, if you ask me).

While Samsung’s teases for August 11th’s Unpacked hint strongly toward new foldables, the company has revealed new smartwatches at previous August Unpacked events, so it’s possible we could see a new smartwatch next week. And based on other recent leaks, Samsung may announce another smartwatch as well, the Watch Active 4.