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OnePlus doesn’t have a foldable, just a half-off sale on the OnePlus 9

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It doesn’t have two screens — it has two phones

OnePlus ‘dual-screen’ teaser image Image: OnePlus

Samsung’s August Unpacked event took place today with foldables and wearables tossed about, but it appears that OnePlus has a thirst for attention that simply can’t wait.

The company tweeted out this brief video clip with some kind of two-screened mobile device, although it was unclear exactly what we should expect.

What we could expect... was a 50 percent off sale for the OnePlus 9. Are two phones the same as one Galaxy Z Fold 3? It won’t leave you with a seam in the middle of the screen, but I doubt they’re targeting the same market.

Update August 11th, 10:55AM ET: Added details of OnePlus’ announcement.