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Google is adding an interactive periodic table to search

Google is adding an interactive periodic table to search


And some new features for Family Bell

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Google search now has an interactive periodic table you can check out to learn a lot more about the elements. You can find it by searching for “periodic table” and clicking the “explore elements” button on the right side of the page or by navigating to it directly right here.

I wasn’t the best chemistry student growing up, but I’ve had a lot of fun clicking on different elements and learning about things like an element’s atomic mass, melting point, and seeing a 3D model of each element, which I find particularly cool. Each element that I’ve clicked on also includes a short fact — like that thallium was used as the murder agent in an Agatha Christie novel, apparently

The periodic table is being announced alongside a few new features in Google Assistant designed to help families, including updates to Family Bell reminders. At launch last year, they could only play from Nest smart displays or speaker, but in “several weeks,” they’ll be able to ring on mobile devices, too, Google says. And sometime soon, Family Bell on the Nest Hub will be able to show a checklist when a Family Bell goes off, which could be a useful way to remember a set number of tasks.

Google is also adding a way to set a routine after you turn off your alarm in the morning, which could let you check the weather and the news right after you wake up, for example. This feature is also coming soon.