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Peloton says a fix is ready for one of its treadmill recalls

Peloton says a fix is ready for one of its treadmill recalls


The Tread’s touchscreen can be repaired

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Peloton is ready to address at least one of its treadmill recalls. Regular Tread owners can now get their equipment fixed, which will involve a technician coming to users’ homes. They can schedule the visit starting this month. The company recalled both the Tread Plus, its more expensive first treadmill, and the Tread, its newer, cheaper device, in May after reports of multiple injuries and at least one death on the Tread Plus. There were 18 incidents of the regular Tread’s touchscreen falling and causing minor cuts and bruises in the UK and Canada.

Peloton and the Consumer Product Safety Commission haven’t said exactly what was wrong with the Tread — only that the touchscreen could loosen — or how it’s being fixed. Only 1,050 units of the Tread exist right now, so it’s not a massive recall, but still an undertaking for Peloton. The company was supposed to widely launch the device in the US in late May but hasn’t provided an updated timeline since the recall. It also hasn’t said when the Tread Plus might be fixed, of which there are 125,000 impacted units. On a call with investors in May, CEO John Foley said the Tread Plus “could take months” to return to market.

He also added that the company needed to be a “leader in safety in the industry” and that the repaired products would be “one of the safest if not the safest treadmills in the world.”