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This suitcase-sized power station is designed to get you through a blackout

This suitcase-sized power station is designed to get you through a blackout


Zendure’s SuperBase Pro 2000 has a massive 2,096Wh battery

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Zendure’s latest “portable” charger is the SuperBase Pro 2000, a hulking power station equipped with a 2,096Wh battery that’s designed to get you through everything from a camping trip to a blackout. Weighing in at 46.5 pounds (21.2kg), it’s only portable in the technical sense of the word — you’re much more likely to use its built-in handle to wheel it around like a rollable suitcase. It’s launching on Indiegogo with an early bird price starting at $1,299.

We’ve generally liked Zendure’s more portable chargers designed for smaller devices like phones and laptops, and this isn’t the first time it’s offered a beefier power station for more power-hungry electronics (competitors Aukey and Anker sell similar units). But what sets the SuperBase Pro 2000 apart is its sheer power capacity, which is measured in thousands of watt-hours rather than hundreds, and the fact it can be charged in just two hours.

A note on crowdfunding:

Crowdfunding is a chaotic field by nature: companies looking for funding tend to make big promises. According to a study run by Kickstarter in 2015, roughly 1 in 10 “successful” products that reach their funding goals fail to actually deliver rewards. Of the ones that do deliver, delays, missed deadlines, or overpromised ideas mean that there’s often disappointment in store for those products that do get done.

The best defense is to use your best judgment. Ask yourself: does the product look legitimate? Is the company making outlandish claims? Is there a working prototype? Does the company mention existing plans to manufacture and ship finished products? Has it completed a Kickstarter before? And remember: you’re not necessarily buying a product when you back it on a crowdfunding site.

Its battery capacity means you can keep a 65W mini fridge running for over 24 hours, recharge a 13-inch MacBook 32 times, or 148 times for an iPhone 12, Zendure says.

It also seems pretty versatile. Zendure says there are half a dozen ways to charge the SuperBase Pro, ranging from a standard AC outlet to solar panels, portable generators, or from a car. There are 14 ports for drawing power, including six AC outlets and four USB-C ports. The AC outlets can output 2,000W (4,000W surge capability), meaning they can power household appliances like kettles, toasters, and even hairdryers. It’s also equipped with a 6.1-inch LCD display, and even LTE connectivity to allow the power station to be controlled remotely.

The Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 starts at $1,299 for its cheapest early-bird pricing, and a regular price of $2,299. There’s also a cheaper SuperBase Pro 1500, which has a smaller 1,456Wh battery and has an early-bird price of $999 (standard price $1,999). Finally, Zendure is selling portable solar panels with a standard price of $599.