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iOS 15 lets you disable Night Mode on an iPhone camera

iOS 15 lets you disable Night Mode on an iPhone camera


iOS 15 includes some useful camera improvements

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The iPhone 12 mini has a regular wide and an ultrawide camera
Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Apple is introducing an option to fully disable Night Mode on an iPhone camera in iOS 15. While you’ve always been able to turn off Night Mode for a particular shot, the iPhone camera will also re-enable it the next time it detects it needs to be used. In iOS 15, you can now toggle whether the camera remembers Night Mode has been turned off.

Night Mode is often a useful way to capture great photos in low light, but occasionally there are times when an iPhone enables this mode and you end up with a photo that’s worse with Night Mode enabled. If you’re someone who prefers to have full control over their iPhone camera, 9to5Mac notes that you can effectively disable Night Mode in iOS 15:

  • Go to settings
  • Pick camera
  • Pick preserver settings
  • Toggle the Night Mode setting to on

This will allow your iPhone camera to keep Night Mode off if you disable it for a shot. You can still toggle Night Mode back on if you need it, but it’s now you making a decision to enable it rather than the iPhone itself.

This isn’t the only improvement to the camera in iOS 15. Apple is also making subtle improvements to photos by processing out the green lens flares that can show up in outdoor photos. Both of these improvements are available in the latest public iOS 15 betas and should appear for iPhone users once iOS 15 ships (probably next month).