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Google Calendar will let you record where you’re working to help organize office meetings

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Alongside your working hours

“Set your working location to make scheduling easier.”
Image: Google

Google is adding an option to its Calendar service to let you show where you’re working on any given day of the week, the company has announced. The feature will start rolling out from August 30th for users on select Google Workspace plans, and will be accessible via Calendar’s settings menu alongside its existing working hours options, as well as on the weekly calendar view below where it shows each day’s dates. Available work locations include “Office,” “Home,” “Unspecified,” or “Somewhere else.”

According to Google, the option is being added so it’s “easier to plan in-person collaboration or set expectations in a hybrid workplace.” It follows a surge in the popularity of home and hybrid working due to the pandemic. This has meant employees increasingly have to keep track not just of people’s working hours, but also their location, when planning in-person meetings and other events. Google Calendar’s new feature should help here.

Working locations can be edited from the calendar view (pictured) or settings menu.
Image: Google

Google says the new working locations feature will be switched off by default, but users will have the option of enabling it after it starts to roll out at the end of the month. The feature will be available across the following tiers: Google Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, Nonprofits, and G Suite Business. However it won’t be available for G Suite Basic customers, as well as customers on the Google Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, Enterprise Essentials, and Education Fundamentals plans.