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This tiny Simpsons TV lets you watch tiny Simpsons TV

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Instructions coming soon

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A DIY Simpsons TV that plays 11 seasons of episodes.
Image buba447

Reddit user buba447 has created an iconic Simpsons TV with working dials that plays episodes of the long-running animated sitcom whenever it’s turned on.

The palm-sized TV was designed in Fusion 360 and printed using an Ender-3 Pro from Creality, according to its creator. Inside you’ll find a tiny Raspberry Pi Zero running Jessie Lite connected to the 640x480 display. The top dial turns on the TV (actually, just the display and speaker) while the lower dial adjusts the volume. Its 32GB SD Card is loaded with 11 seasons of compressed episodes that play in random order. The whole thing is powered by a USB port with a cable running out the back.

The iconic Simpsons TV predates flat panels.

The creator of this faithful reproduction says they’ll provide a detailed build guide in a week or so for anyone looking to roll their own. Because the answer to life’s problems aren’t at the bottom of a bottle, they’re on TV!