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Twitter boosts Spaces by showing which ones your friends are attending

Some iOS and Android users will see if people they follow are attending a Space

Twitter’s blue bird silhouette logo is seen on a black background. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Twitter is experimenting with a way to make it easier to find Spaces that you might be interested in. Some users on iOS or Android will now see if someone they follow is listening in on a Space right at the top of their timelines, according to the Spaces Twitter account.

Twitter has already been surfacing Spaces in that top bar (where you might have also seen Fleets before Twitter shut them down), but previously, it only showed Spaces from people you follow who were hosting the social audio rooms. Now, though, you might also see when somebody you follow is tuning into one.

If you don’t want your followers to know what Spaces you’re attending, you can turn that off by navigating to the “Settings and privacy” menu, then “Privacy and safety,” and then toggling off the option to “allow followers to see which Spaces you’re listening to.” Turning this off won’t hide your presence inside Spaces, though. If you’re attending a Space, the people in the room with you will still be able to see that you’re there.

Just last week, Twitter added another way to make Spaces more discoverable by making it easier for other apps to point to Spaces. The company is also continuing to iterate on the experience of being in a Space, adding the ability for Spaces hosts to designate up to two co-hosts earlier this month.