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Google adds Smart Reply to Docs comments to fill your life with more bland platitudes

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Save time and let Google do your thinking for you

Google Docs Photo by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

Google is expanding the scope of its AI-powered Smart Reply feature to suggest responses to comments in Google Docs. It will be rolling out in the coming weeks to all users and will be turned on by default, though you can disable it via Tools > Preferences > Show Smart Reply suggestions.

It’s the latest territory claimed by Google’s AI Smart Reply and Smart Compose features. The latter is already available in Gdocs and elsewhere, while the former lurks most prominently in your Gmail inbox.

Smart Reply as it appears in comments in Google Docs.
Image: Google

Reactions to these AI-powered features are varied. Some enjoy the convenience of using AI to offer up those little verbal platitudes that keep the wheels of workplace life turning smoothly (“That’s perfect, thank you!”). Others bemoan the deadening effect they have on language and, if you’re feeling particularly hyperbolic, on the human soul. Why think about what you’re saying to your colleagues if AI can fill in the gaps where you brain used to be?

I for one, am simply looking forward to a time when I’m no longer needed to do my job, and my AI self can chat to my AI workmates, and I can go have a lie down somewhere.