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Netflix’s ‘Tudum’ fan event will bring trailers, interviews, and announcements for its originals on September 25th

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Netflix has enough shows and movies for a three-hour event now

Netflix is hosting its own online fan event for the first time on September 25h. The event is called “Tudum” (as in the onomatopoeia of Netflix’s iconic logo sound), and promises an “exciting day full of exclusives and first looks,” for some of its most popular series and movies.

The three-hour event (which starts at 12PM ET) will include “breaking news and ... first looks, new trailers and exclusive clips during interactive panels and conversations with the creators and stars from Netflix,” and feature over 70 shows and movies on Netflix, including Stranger Things, Bridgerton, The Witcher, Cowboy Bebop, Red Notice, The Old Guard, and The Umbrella Academy.

Additionally, Netflix will be hosting three pre-show events before the main stream starting at 8AM ET: one for Korean series and films, one for Indian movies and shows, and one for anime content.

The shift toward major, branded fan events like this has started to become increasingly common, helped along by the uptick in online events caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Events like DC’s FanDome, Netflix’s Geeked Week, Disney Plus’ National Streaming Day programming, or the livestreamed WitcherCon event are increasingly becoming the home for the kinds of creator and cast interviews, trailer reveals, and announcements that would have been commonplace at events like San Diego Comic-Con.

Tudum marks the latest move in that direction; after all, with Netflix already offering so much content, why would it want to risk sharing the stage when it has enough news and trailers to fuel an entire event just for its own shows and movies?