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A Twitter outage cut off the Midwest this morning

A Twitter outage cut off the Midwest this morning


The problems started around 8:30AM ET

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Twitter bird logo, but spooky
Illustration by Alex Castro

For slackers west of the Appalachians there was some bad news — Twitter went down. An outage unplugged many people beyond the East Coast of the US starting at around 8:30AM ET, with reports from as far north as Toronto and as far south as Arkansas.

DownDetector Twitter outage reports
DownDetector Twitter outage reports.

Twitter has not updated its status page to note any particular issue, but DownDetector and other social media platforms are hosting the suddenly silenced voices of your favorite Midwestern cities. Since I live in Michigan, I’ve one of them, which didn’t make this any easier to figure out. There don’t appear to be any wider CDN problems or issues with a cloud service like AWS, but remember, the answer is always it’s DNS.

For everyone outside that area, if you have something to get off your chest about someone who lives in Chicago then you may have missed your chance — it appears that service is being restored.

Update August 27th, 10:56AM ET: Added tweet from Twitter Support confirming the outage.