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Amazon and Best Buy’s latest Fire TVs have a sleeker design and better HDR

Amazon and Best Buy’s latest Fire TVs have a sleeker design and better HDR


The new Toshiba and Insignia sets start at $599

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Image: Amazon

Amazon and Best Buy are continuing on with their TV partnership that started three years ago. Today, the companies announced new Insignia and Toshiba TVs that run Amazon’s Fire TV software. The latest F50 series improves on previous “Fire TV Edition” sets — Amazon is just calling them “Fire TVs” now — with expanded quantum dot HDR color for a more vivid picture. The new models also feature slimmer bezels, DTS Virtual-X audio from the built-in speakers, and continue to support Dolby Vision HDR.

Pricing will start at $599.99 for a 50-inch model, and the F50 series tops out at 70 inches.

Between different models and screen sizes (ranging from 24 inches to 75 inches) sold in the US and Canada, there are now over 80 Insignia and Toshiba Fire TVs available. Both are Best Buy’s house brands, and customers can order any of the TVs on Amazon’s website for in-store pickup at their nearest Best Buy store.

When they ship later this summer, the latest TVs will come preloaded with Amazon’s revamped, content-focused Fire TV software experience. The included remote will also support Alexa voice commands. You’ve still got to press and hold the Alexa button to make voice requests; Amazon and Best Buy continue to refrain from putting always-listening mics in these TVs, which seems like the right decision.

These are still being positioned as inexpensive TVs that are centered around video entertainment; if you’re looking for the best set for showcasing your new Xbox Series X or PS5, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere. While Amazon has released higher-end Fire TV sets in other countries (like an OLED from Grundig in Germany), so far there’s nothing in its US lineup that can go toe to toe with TCL’s flagship Roku TVs in picture quality.