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Microsoft’s newest Xbox controller is a dazzling blue and has rubber side grips

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Each controller has a unique swirl pattern on the grips

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Microsoft’s new Aqua Shift Special Edition Xbox controller.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has just revealed its newest Xbox controller — the Aqua Shift Special Edition — and it has a striking, shimmery blue finish that makes it perhaps Microsoft’s flashiest controller yet. But the shiny blue color isn’t its only distinctive feature: the controller also has rubberized side grips that have “a unique dual color swirl on every unit,” according to Microsoft.

You can get a close-up look at the controller’s shiny finish and one of the grip patterns in a tweet from Xbox:

You can preorder the Aqua Shift Special Edition controller now in “select Xbox markets worldwide” for $69.99. For me here in the US, Microsoft’s store shows an August 31st availability date. It’s also available for preorder through Amazon.

The Aqua Shift Special Edition joins the many other Xbox Series X / S controllers that have been released so far. Microsoft also reopened the Xbox Design Lab in June to let players design their own custom controllers.