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Apple sets debut date for The Problem with Jon Stewart

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It will premiere on Apple TV Plus on September 30th

Apple’s upcoming show starring Jon Stewart, The Problem with Jon Stewart, will debut on Apple TV Plus on September 30th, the company announced Monday. Apple describes the show as a “multiple-season, single-issue series, taking a deep dive on the issues affecting us most.” It will also have a companion podcast, which will “extend the conversation from each episode.” New episodes of the TV show will premiere every other week, while new episodes of the podcast will be released weekly.

Apple released a short teaser to promote the premiere date that features Stewart wondering, “what the hell happened to my face?” You can also listen to a teaser of the podcast right now, though it’s only 15 seconds long and doesn’t give us a great idea of what the podcast will actually be like. In July, Stewart promoted the upcoming show with an odd video skewering the billionaire space race that starred Jason Alexander as Jeff Bezos.