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Jabra overhauls true wireless earbuds lineup with three new models

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The Elite 7 Pro, Elite 7 Active, and Elite 3 are all made for specific purposes

Image: Jabra

Jabra is today announcing a comprehensive makeover of its true wireless earbuds lineup. The company is introducing three new models and phasing out both the Elite 65t and 75t by the end of the year; the Elite 85t will remain part of the product family. Jabra says its latest devices — the Elite 7 Pro, Elite 7 Active, and Elite 3 — build upon “six generations worth of learnings” in the true wireless market.

Each is made for specific scenarios: the $199 Elite 7 Pro buds promise “ultimate call clarity” thanks to a new “MultiSensor Voice” system that combines a bone conduction sensor, four mics, and algorithms for optimizing call quality. Active noise cancellation is included, and the redesigned earbuds are 16 percent smaller than the Elite 75t. Jabra says it landed on the design by studying 62,000 unique ear scans. The company is also promising nine hours of continuous battery life with ANC enabled, which would be fairly impressive given most rivals hover somewhere around five hours.

The Elite 7 Pros are 16 percent smaller than Jabra’s previous Elite 75t earbuds.
Image: Jabra

The $179 Elite 7 Active earbuds, as the name suggests, are designed for fitness, running, and other use cases that involve a lot of movement. Jabra claims the sound experience should be identical to the Pros — though these lack the MultiSensor Voice technology for top-notch calls. But they’ve got a “ShakeGrip coating” that supposedly makes for a more secure in-ear fit that won’t budge during intense exercise.

The Elite 7 Actives have an extra-grippy coating on the ear tips.
Image: Jabra

At just $79, the Elite 3 earbuds are the cheapest true wireless buds that Jabra has launched yet. They include 6mm drivers and a four-mic array for calls. Jabra is also including Qualcomm aptX HD, which is nice to see at this price point. The Elite 3s should be able to hit seven hours of battery life (28 hours with case). Though they lack proper active noise cancellation, their “outstanding” noise isolation is apparently good enough for the company to include a transparency mode. The earbuds have a “sleek Danish design” and will come in purple, light beige, dark gray, and navy blue. All three models look a bit less industrial than Jabra’s past earbuds, with less obvious microphone holes and other touchups.

The Elite 3 earbuds come in several colors.
Image: Jabra

The cheapest earbuds of the lot are set to begin shipping first: Jabra says the Elite 3s will be available beginning September 1st, with the Elite 7 Pro and Elite 7 Active following a month later on October 1st.

One way Jabra has stood out from much larger competitors like Apple, Samsung, and Sony is the inclusion of multipoint Bluetooth support, which allows the company’s earbuds to connect with two devices simultaneously. It’s a convenience that can be very hard to find in other true wireless earbuds.

Jabra tells me that both the Elite 7 Pro and Elite 7 Active will include multipoint, but the Elite 3 will not — perhaps a necessary sacrifice for its price point. There will also be a bit of a wait before it’s available on the 7 Pro buds. “Multi connect, a Jabra feature appreciated by millions of Elite users worldwide, will be coming to the Elite 7 Pro in a firmware release later in October,” a Jabra spokesperson said. “We needed a little extra time to ensure we could bring this experience in a more sleek and advanced form factor than ever before.”