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Disney’s Star Wars hotel is just like Westworld: only for the wealthy

Disney’s Star Wars hotel is just like Westworld: only for the wealthy


Two nights at the immersive Galactic Starcruiser will start at $4,809

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Disney has been teasing its upcoming Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel for years now, promising an almost Westworld-style immersive experience (complete with “real” lightsaber props) that will expand its Galaxy’s Edge theme park into a full-fledged two-day interactive Star Wars adventure. You’ll sleep in a Star Wars-themed room, eat and drink Star Wars-inspired fare, and be surrounded by actors guiding you through your own Star Wars vacation.

Today, the company announced a lot more information about the practical aspects of the Galactic Starcruiser experience, including a first look at pricing — and like the fictional Westworld theme park, it looks like Disney’s real world immersive Star Wars hotel will be limited to the extremely wealthy, with a two-night stay starting at $4,809 for two adults.

That price is just an estimate for an entry-level cabin, and things shake out differently depending on the number of guests in a group (a family of four with three adults and one child comes out to $5,999 for the two-night trip). The ticket includes two nights at the hotel, food and drink (except for “alcoholic and specialty beverages”), admission to Disney’s Hollywood Studios park for a day to visit the Galaxy’s Edge park, and parking.

But you’re mostly paying for the immersive Star Wars experience, which Disney says will offer an in-universe style adventure, complete with roleplaying staff who’ll ask you for help on quests or factions that you’ll be able to join during your trip. Guests will even be allowed (and even encouraged) to dress the part in Star Wars outfits (something that isn’t usually permitted at Disney parks for adult guests).

It’s expensive, even by Disney resort standards

There’s no way to look at Galactic Starcruiser as anything but an exorbitantly priced hotel, even by Disney standards. For comparison, a two-night stay during the same dates at the company’s Grand Floridian Resort — considered the most expensive and upscale option for staying at the park — along with two days’ worth of tickets at Disney parks for two adults comes to roughly $2,150 when booking directly through Disney, less than half the cost.

Obviously, that’s not a perfect comparison, given that Galactic Starcruiser is an all-inclusive stay that includes dining, but it’s clear that Disney is putting a heavy premium on the immersive experiences that make Galactic Starcruiser unique.

A sample itinerary from Disney includes activities like sabacc competitions, lightsaber training, and “unexpected” optional story moments that can pop up during a guest’s stay, which sound interesting enough. Half of one of the two days is dedicated to visiting Galaxy’s Edge and riding the two rides that have been open for months already, although guests will apparently be able to continue their storylines in the existing park from the ship.

Maybe all that really is worth the incredibly high price of admission. Westworld sure looks popular on the TV show, too, and there are no lightsabers there. But right now, it looks like Disney has created what might be the ultimate Star Wars experience for fans, and priced it out of reach of all but the most wealthy of them.