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Razer will let you sign up to beta test its RGB face mask

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Project Hazel is now the Razer Zephyr

Image: Razer

Razer announced today that its lit-like-a-gaming-PC N95 mask has a new name and a beta program set up ahead of the planned fourth quarter launch. The futuristic-looking Project Hazel has been christened the Razer Zephyr, and you can sign up to be a beta tester right now on Razer’s site.

Razer has not provided any additional information on the timing of the Zephyr’s release or when beta testers can expect to receive their masks. Based on the video Razer shared alongside its announcement, beta testers might get a different mask design from what’s been shared up until this point.

The Zephyr seems a tad wider and rounder than Razer’s original Project Hazel, and there’s a grille at the bottom of the mask that’s a lot more visible than previous images and photos have shown. It might be for additional ventilation or to assist in voice amplification, but it definitely wasn’t featured in Razer’s earlier concepts for the face mask.

The Verge has reached out to Razer for more details on the beta program and any possible design changes that will ship alongside the Zephyr beta.

The Zephyr on a real human face. Note the bottom grille.
Photo: Razer
The original Project Hazel design.
Image: Razer

We should have a better idea about the design once masks actually make it into beta testers’ hands, but the announcement of the program in the first place does make the Zephyr that much more real. Considering the project went from a fun CES concept to a real thing Razer was intent on making, every step pushes this mask further from vaporware. Whether it’s actually affordable, enjoyable, or practical to wear is an entirely separate issue.