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Facebook’s updated data transfer tool can port events to Google Calendar

Facebook’s updated data transfer tool can port events to Google Calendar


And an option for Photobucket transfers

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Image: Facebook

Facebook has updated its data transfer tool, Transfer Your Information, with two new destinations for information associated with your Facebook account: Photobucket and Google Calendar (via Engadget). Facebook allowed photo transfers to services like Google Photos in the past, but the company says Facebook Events are a new data type for the tool it created as part of the Data Transfer Project.

Support for Photobucket and Google Calendar comes alongside a larger redesign of Transfer Your Information, which Facebook claims makes the service “simpler and more intuitive.” Among the improvements, it should be easier to see the status of each transfer, start multiple transfers to the same location, and filter through and select what data you actually want to move.

Transfer Your Information has expanded since Facebook launched the service in 2019. The goal of Facebook’s tool and its participation in the Data Transfer Project with Microsoft, Google, Twitter, and Apple is to allow users to transfer their information between platforms and services without having to download it first. Members of the project develop “adapters” between their various proprietary APIs, so for example, Facebook Photos can transfer over to Google Photos without confusion.