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Twitch will give streamers a bit more info on why they were banned

Twitch will give streamers a bit more info on why they were banned


A little more clarity on why the streamer hands out bans

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Twitch’s suspensions are about to get a little clearer for streamers: starting on Monday, the company announced that it will include the name and date of the content that violated platform rules when it issues a ban.

It’s not quite a clear and simple explanation of what precisely a streamer might have done to get a suspension — Twitch doesn’t seem to be willing to provide that level of detail on any violations of its policies — but it could potentially help streamers figure out what they did wrong and what to avoid in the future.

The new system is more specific than before, when Twitch would just list what rule was violated. But it’s still frustratingly vague for streamers. It points to a single stream, which can consist of hours of content, but it still doesn’t illuminate exactly what it was that crossed a line.

Twitch has certainly struggled with giving streamers clarity on content issues before. Back in 2020, the company issued waves of DMCA takedown notices to creators without giving specific clarity on which videos were in violation of copyright. Monday’s announcement, while not a full solution, at least helps make things a little clearer going forward.