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Ikea and Sonos’ second-generation Symfonisk lamp leaks with swappable lampshades

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A new design and more fashionable shade choices

Ikea’s second-generation Symfonisk table lamp speaker has leaked thanks to a support document posted to Ikea’s Portuguese website (spotted by a Reddit user who claims to have encountered the lamp shades in a store), featuring a new design that streamlines the speaker-lamp’s base and adds the much-needed option to swap in different styles of lampshades, via Janko Roettgers on Twitter.

Compared to the original Symfonisk table lamp, the new model appears to have ditched the platter-like base for a design that integrates the speaker controllers directly into the unit. But the biggest change is the lampshade component, which ditches the mushroom-like opaque glass shade for removable, swappable options. And like the original, the new model will support both Sonos’ multiroom audio system and Apple’s AirPlay 2 standard.

The different configuration options for the new Symfonisk speaker lamp.
Image: Ikea

The support document lists two different shade options: a cylindrical glass option that looks like an open-ended version of the original model’s shade and a new translucent fabric option. Both shades will be available in black and white color schemes and cost €20 (around $23.64) each, while the main speaker component is listed as costing €129 (around $152.49). For comparison, the original Symfonisk table lamp cost $179 when it was first released, which is roughly the same as the two separate pieces of the second-generation model together.

The new table lamp — which had been previously rumored alongside the since-released Symfonisk picture frame speakers — has yet to be officially announced by Sonos or Ikea. That said, given that the device is already appearing in support documents, it’ll likely only be a matter of time before a more formal announcement.