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HBO Max is offering 50 percent off ad-free plan for six months

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That brings it down to just $7.49 per month

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The HBO Max logo against a dark background with white circles around it. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

HBO Max has started running an enticing deal where you can pay half price for the ad-free subscription tier, bringing it to just $7.49 per month. That rate, which is even lower than the ad-sponsored plan, will be good for up to six months, after which you’ll be switched back to the standard $14.99. You’ve got to act relatively quickly to take advantage of the offer: it’s available through September 26th.

WarnerMedia is promoting the deal to people who formerly subscribed to HBO through Amazon’s Prime Video Channels. As of September 15th, you can no longer subscribe to HBO through Amazon. So this is a sweetener to bring those customers over to a standalone HBO Max subscription.

But it’s also available to pretty much everyone else — except for active subscribers, that is. WarnerMedia says “new and returning HBO Max subscribers” can pay the reduced monthly rate for up to six months. You can sign up at or activate your subscription through the HBO Max app on Apple, Roku, Google, LG, Microsoft, Sony, or Vizio devices.

In recent weeks, HBO Max has also offered free episodes to non-subscribers. And earlier this month, WarnerMedia announced that the service will launch in parts of Europe (beginning with Spain and the Nordics) on October 26th.