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Red Notice’s first trailer is full of explosions, car chases, art heists, and Ryan Reynolds quips

Red Notice’s first trailer is full of explosions, car chases, art heists, and Ryan Reynolds quips


Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot also star in Netflix’s next big film

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Red Notice, Netflix’s next big action movie swing, has gotten its first trailer, showing off the fast (and dare I say, furious) antics of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He plays the FBI’s top profiler as he hunts down the world’s two most wanted criminals — played by Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot.

Based on the trailer, it seems Johnson’s Agent John Hartley actually catches Reynolds’ character, Nolan Booth — dubbed “the world’s greatest art thief” — fairly early on, forcing the two to partner up in order to catch Gadot’s character, “The Bishop.” She’s described as “the world’s most wanted art thief,” which is apparently a different thing than being the world’s greatest art thief. This is also, broadly, the plot of Hobbs & Shaw, a movie that Johnson and Reynolds both were actually in. Gadot is also a Fast franchise alum, which seems fitting.

The film is named after Interpol’s actually real Red Notices, which are slightly less interesting international wanted notices that — in what I assume are almost all cases — do not actually allow for The Rock to relentlessly chase you around the globe in daring action sequences. The second does seem like a more entertaining concept for a movie, though.

As one might expect from a big-budget heist film, Red Notice will also feature considerable amounts of globe-trotting action, black tie dinner parties, rooftop chases, car chases, and endless amounts of lighthearted quipping (particularly where Reynolds is concerned).

Red Notice is also part of Netflix’s push toward building out its original blockbuster-level films (and maybe franchises). And by putting Johnson, Gadot, and Reynolds — three of Hollywood’s biggest stars — into a single action movie, there’s a good chance that it might be Netflix’s next big hit.

Red Notice will stream on Netflix on November 12th.