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Tumblr’s subscription feature is now open to everyone in the US

Tumblr’s subscription feature is now open to everyone in the US


A full launch is coming later this fall

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Two Tumblr app screenshots of a blog titled “game over, gamer”. The first shows an introductory post with a list of games and examples of content like reviews and playthroughs. The second shows a Post Plus subscription page that says “subscribe for $1.99/ month, cancel anytime”.
Post Plus for gamer content.
Image: Tumblr

Tumblr is expanding the beta for its Post Plus subscription feature to all users in the US today. Post Plus, similar to Twitter’s Super Follows, allows creators to designate some of their posts as only for paying subscribers. Tumblr is planning a full launch of the feature later in the fall.

Tumblr has made some changes since the limited beta that started in July. Post Plus creators can now directly block people who subscribe to them. Creators previously had to contact Tumblr support if they wanted to block a subscriber, which raised concerns among users.

There’s now an option to set a subscription price to $1.99 a month, in addition to the existing $3.99, $5.99, or $9.99 options. Creators can go back and paywall existing content, rather than being limited to only monetizing new posts. Tumblr is also removing the blue plus badge, similar to a Twitter verified badge, that appeared next to creators’ usernames.

Four Tumblr app screenshots showing examples of blogs for beauty tips and gaming. One shows the sign-up page for subscriptions, another shows a post being created, with options to set it for everyone or supporters only.
Views of Post Plus for subscribers and creators.
Image: Tumblr

Tumblr says several of the adjustments to the beta were made in response to user feedback. Predictably, many Tumblr users weren’t happy about the initial Post Plus announcement. Some users even organized a log-off protest, specifically citing concerns about the legality of monetizing fan work, though those concerns likely stem from misunderstandings of copyright law.

Many Tumblr creators already link out to their Patreon or Ko-fi accounts, so Post Plus is pitched as a way to support creators without leaving the platform. Tumblr has struggled to build back its user base after the mass exodus that followed the site’s infamous 2018 porn ban. According to Tumblr, almost half of its current users are Gen Z, and it hopes monetization features will help attract more young creators.