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HP’s new all-in-one has an ultrawide display and an RTX 3080 GPU

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The 34-inch all-in-one will be available next month starting at $1,999

The ultrawide all-in-one with its magnetically attached webcam.
Image: HP

HP’s new Envy 34-inch All-In-One Desktop PC is a self-contained Windows 11 machine that’s available with comparable specs to a standalone gaming PC. It has a large 34-inch ultrawide IPS display (5120 x 2160), which can be powered by Nvidia’s RTX 3080 GPU and Intel’s 11th Gen Core i9 processor.

Externally, the all-in-one is also equipped with a number of neat quality-of-life features. It’s got a magnetically-attached 16-megapixel webcam which can be reoriented to sit on any of the monitor’s four sides, and a 15W Qi wireless charger built into the stand to charge your phone or other compatible accessories.

The PC’s stand has a Qi wireless charger built in.
Image: HP
The webcam can be placed anywhere around the display.
Image: HP

Around the back there are four USB-A ports and two Thunderbolt 4 ports, with an additional pair of USB-A ports on the side alongside an extra USB-C. There’s also an HDMI out, as well as a headphone / microphone combo port. Internally, the Envy All-In-One has four RAM slots and two M.2 SSD slots, and HP says its RAM and storage are user upgradeable.

It’s a pretty decent spec list for an all-in-one, and offers nearly all the features you could want out of a productivity or even gaming machine. The downside is that it won’t come cheap, HP says the Envy All-In-One will cost $1,999 when it ships next month, and that’s just the starting price.

If that’s too expensive for your tastes, HP also has a pair of other all-in-ones it’s announcing today. First up is the Pavilion All-in-One Desktop PC which is available with either a 24- or 27-inch display, a 5-megapixel pop-up webcam, and an AMD Ryzen 5000 series CPU. It goes on sale next month at a starting price of $799. There’s also the similarly named HP All-in-One Desktop PC, which lacks the Pavilion branding, and comes with a choice of AMD or Intel processors starting at $749.