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Demi Adejuyigbe reminds us that, once again, it’s September 21st

Demi Adejuyigbe reminds us that, once again, it’s September 21st


In case you’d forgotten

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The 21st of September? Buddy, that’s today.

Lest you forget, comedian Demi Adejuyigbe has returned to memorialize Earth, Wind & Fire Day — more specifically September 21st, subject of the band’s evocative summer anthem “September.” For years, Adejuyigbe has jumped on the opportunity to mark the occasion with elaborate, often outrageous videos that have included everything from aerial banners to a mariachi band.

The videos have become such a reliable marker of the end of summer that Adejuyigbe was able to hit a goal of $50,000 for charity in just three hours last year, with the campaign ultimately generating more than $330,000 over the period of several days (more than $50,000 per charity listed). 

Adejuyigbe’s video for 2021 hit the interwebs not too long after 9:21AM PT. This year, he’s raising money for Imagine Water Works, a disaster relief organization helping with Hurricane Ida relief; the West Fund, a nonprofit for abortion access in Texas; as well as climate advocacy organization the Sunrise Movement. Adejuyigbe is raffling off a painting — September 21st-themed, as expected — that he promises to hand-deliver to the winner, regardless of where they live. Donations of $10 count toward a single raffle ticket. For each $100,000 reached, Adejuyigbe will also raffle off a September 21st jersey.

Adejuyigbe said this year’s video will be his last, but added that he hopes “we can use this last video to do some good.” Raffle tickets can be purchased right here. As of 9:45AM PT, the fundraiser had already generated more than $50,000.

More of Adejuyigbe’s September 21st videos can be found below: