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The Surface Pro X gets a Wi-Fi-only version

The Surface Pro X gets a Wi-Fi-only version


Why go 5G when you can go no G?

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The Microsoft Surface Pro X now comes in a Wi-Fi-only version. Microsoft is offering a version of its ARM-based Surface device that does away with cellular connectivity.

Cellular connectivity on the Surface Pro X has been a bit of a thorny issue. The higher-end version of the Surface Pro X rocks a custom SQ2 processor based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 processor. That 8cx can support 5G, but the Surface Pro X limits cellular connectivity to 4G LTE. The new model almost feels like it’s taking a step backwards by doing away with cellular connectivity entirely.

Until you remember that the future is much more work from home than the past, and the demand for a Windows 2-in-1 capable of connecting anywhere might not be as big as one that just costs a little less and relies on Wi-Fi.

According to Microsoft, this is the cheapest Surface Pro X yet. While it has made no claims about battery life beyond “all day,” we can hope that the Wi-Fi version of the Surface Pro X will last a little longer on a charge than its 4G sibling.

To accompany the new version of the Surface Pro X, Microsoft also announced a few improvements to Windows 11 support of ARM: including an optimized version of Office with support for 64-bit add-ins and full support for both x86 and x64 emulation.

The Wi-Fi-only Surface Pro X should be available for order today at $899.