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Google’s Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max can now show visual responses and the UI in Spanish

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They also support new Spanish language commands

A Google Duo call with the UI in Spanish.
Image: Google

Google is expanding Spanish language support for its Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max devices in the US. Perhaps the biggest change is that the entire UI for the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max has been translated into Spanish. That means things like visual answers to your queries and control panels now appear in Spanish, Google tells The Verge.

The Nest Hub’s UI in Spanish.
Image: Google

Google has added a handful of new commands that might be useful around the house. One lets you add items to a shopping list — Google gives the example command, “Hey Google, agrega huevos a mi lista de compras” (which translates to “Hey Google, add eggs to my shopping list”). Another lets you call friends and family on Google Duo by saying something like “Hey Google, llama a mamá” (“Hey Google, call mom”).

Two new features make it easier to enjoy music and video from streaming services. You can ask Google to play music from “several” free and subscription music services on their Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max, while people with a YouTube TV subscription can stream Univision.

You can also try out the Mexican Bingo game “Lotería” right on your Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max, and you can play in English or Spanish. In Spanish, you can start playing it by saying, “Hey Google, habla con Loteria Don Clemente.”