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Xbox gets a new Edge browser that can play Stadia games, access Discord, and more

Xbox gets a new Edge browser that can play Stadia games, access Discord, and more


The Xbox now has a modern web browser

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A preview version of the Edge browser on Xbox

Microsoft is rolling out a new Xbox dashboard that includes an updated version of the Edge browser. After six months of testing, the Chromium version of Edge is now available to all existing Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X consoles, and the new capabilities allow Xbox owners to stream Google Stadia games, access Discord on the web, and lots more.

The Xbox version of Edge looks almost identical to the version available on PC or Mac. It even includes features like vertical tabs and Collections. Like Edge on PC and mobile, the Xbox version also syncs all your settings, favorites, tabs, and web history. The only feature it’s really missing is extensions, and the ability to switch into developer mode to alter User Agent strings or access a console.

The new Edge browser on Xbox.
The new Edge browser on Xbox.

Edge also supports mouse and keyboard, so you can access things like Word or Excel online, or even Google Stadia games via keyboard and mouse or the Xbox controller. While Xbox doesn’t have a Discord app yet, you can access the web version with this new version of Edge. Discord will let you join voice calls and participate in text channel chats, but microphone support isn’t available, unfortunately.

This new Edge browser is a big improvement over what existed on Xbox before, and you can even use it to access Steam PC games or web games like Krunker or Quake JS. Nvidia is still, bizarrely, blocking access to its GeForce Now streaming service through Edge. We’ve asked Nvidia multiple times why it continues to block Edge in general, but the company only said in April that it’s simply “investigating Edge browser support for the future.”

The new Microsoft Edge browser for Xbox is available to all Xbox consoles today.