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Twitter lets you add Topics to Spaces, but they’re limited to start

Twitter lets you add Topics to Spaces, but they’re limited to start


Only 10 Topics to choose from

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Twitter is bringing Topics to Spaces so that hosts can tag their Spaces with up to three relevant Topics, according to the Spaces Twitter account. It’s a small addition to start: there are only 10 Topics to choose from, limited to English, for some people on the Android app. Twitter says it will expand to iOS and add more Topics and languages soon.

The initial 10 Topics — Business & Finance, Music, Sports, Technology, Gaming, World News, Entertainment, Arts & Culture, Home & Family, and Careers — align with the ones that currently exist across Twitter, which people can choose to follow to get related content on their timelines. Adding Topics to Spaces brings it even closer to how Clubhouse works, with different topics to explore and clubs to join based around those topics.

One of the nicer things about Twitter is finding people who share your possibly niche interests, so it makes sense to add at least some of its Topics to Spaces. There are several hundred available, and some of them get pretty specific: you can choose to follow the Topics for Dinosaurs, Bollywood Dance, Drone Racing, Unexplained Phenomena, and Adam Sandler, to name a few. (I’m losing hope that an Antique Glassware Identification Topic will materialize, but that might just be me.)

Twitter has been steadily updating Spaces since it started testing late last year. In recent months, it’s begun rolling out Ticketed Spaces and added more options for discoverability and moderation.

Update September 24th, 5:00PM ET: Added the full list of Topics available in Spaces.