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The Switch Pro was real, Bloomberg reports

The Switch Pro was real, Bloomberg reports


Bloomberg reports that developers were told by Nintendo to target 4K resolution

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A pair of hands holding the Nintendo Switch OLED
Photo by Cameron Faulkner / The Verge

Don’t get me wrong; we’re excited about Nintendo’s new OLED Switch — the number of preorders in The Verge newsroom confirms it. But what about the more powerful Switch that so many of us thought was around the corner? A new Bloomberg report suggests that the global chip shortage is why plans fell through for a “Switch Pro” with upgraded hardware from Nvidia and 4K resolution.

The outlet, which previously reported on the device, backs up those reports by saying it’s identified at least 11 developers, naming only Zynga, who have received 4K Nintendo Switch development kits. Specifically, Bloomberg claims employees heard from Nintendo that they should design games to target the higher resolution.

In response, Nintendo told Bloomberg its reporting was “inaccurate” without specifying which parts. After we published this story, Nintendo went on to categorically deny the entire report. On Thursday morning, Zynga spokesperson Sarah Ross also denied the report, saying in a statement to Bloomberg and Kotaku, “To clarify, Zynga does not have a 4K developer kit from Nintendo.”

A more powerful Switch reportedly won’t go on sale before late 2022

These reporters tend to focus on supply chain issues and identified a particular component that Nintendo needs as having supplies completely booked through 2025. That doesn’t mean that the Switch Pro dream is completely dead, but Bloomberg’s sources say that if an upgraded model appears, it won’t go on sale before late 2022, at the earliest.

As it is, Nintendo gave gamers some of the things we hoped for with the Switch OLED — smaller bezels, a better stand, and that sweet screen. Plus, it just unleashed Bluetooth headphone support via a software update. Is that enough to make up for the missing 4K and no apparent changes to the Joy-Cons? It will have to be since Nintendo has “no plans” for launching another model.

Update, 8:36PM ET: Nintendo has now categorically denied this report, a rare move, though we aren’t entirely buying it.

Update, September 30th, 9:56AM ET: Added statement from Zynga denying possession of a 4K developer kit from Nintendo.