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BMW’s new CE 02 mini-bike concept is electric

BMW’s new CE 02 mini-bike concept is electric


Yeah, this rules

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Images: BMW Motorrad

BMW’s Motorrad division has been pumping out some wild concepts over the last few years as the larger company turns its attention towards electric vehicles. It’s latest is also the to date, but still looks extremely cool: the CE 02 mini-bike.

Debuted this week ahead of the IAA Mobility conference in Germany, the CE 02 is a tiny two-wheeler that borrows some of the futuristic vibes BMW has been honing for its larger concept bikes — including the CE 04, which is actually going into production. Clad in silver and black and “technoid typography,” the minimalist design looks like it came right off the set of a sci-fi movie.

The CE 02 has an 11kW belt-drive motor, which can help the bike reach a top speed of around 90 kilometers per hour (about 56 miles per hour). BMW isn’t sharing the battery capacity, but claims the CE 02 can go about 90 kilometers on a full charge.


There are no pedals, but BMW says there will be footrests — though in the photos, the only footrest that anyone is using is a skateboard clipped to the underside of the bike. (Hey, it’s a concept!) A circular LED headlight lights the way, while a small display between the handlebars serves up the basic information like speed and battery status. “Otherwise, the technology is deliberately restrained,” BMW says. The whole package weighs 120 kilograms (about 265 pounds).

There’s no shortage of slick-looking electric mopeds and mini-bikes these days — Super73 has raised millions of dollars on the idea alone — but BMW’s CE 02 could probably find some success if the company decides to make it. It’s got the looks, and it sounds plenty capable enough for cruising through a city.