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Wyze’s new $15 smart scale has a mode for luggage, pets, and babies

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Capable of tracking 11 health metrics

Wyze, the budget-focused tech company that now sells everything from security cameras to headphones, has launched a new smart scale with four built-in electrodes capable of measuring everything from body fat percentage to body water percentage. In addition to weighing humans, there is also a dedicated mode to let you weigh your “baby, pet, luggage, or your kid’s absurdly heavy backpack,” Wyze says. The Scale S follows the original Wyze Scale released last year, but it’s $5 cheaper with a price of just $15.

Weight is displayed on the built-in 3.5-inch LED display, while a companion app (of course) allows you to set goals and track progress over time. It can sync data with Fitbit, Google Fit, and Apple Health and track data for up to eight different users. Battery life is rated at 18 months from the included trio of AAA batteries.

There’s a dedicated mode for weighing a dog (center) or child (bottom right).
Image: Wyze

In total, Wyze says the Scale S is capable of measuring 11 body composition metrics, which is broadly in line with its original scale. These include: weight, body fat percentage, lean body mass, BMI, muscle weight, visceral fat, basal metabolic rate, bone mass, metabolic age, protein, and body water percentage. The Scale S will also eventually be able to track heart rate, Wyze says, although this functionality is launching later.

Alongside its scales, Wyze is also announcing a version of its Wyze Cam Outdoor with a Forest Camo skin made in collaboration with Dbrand. The camera is shipping now for $59.99, which translates to a $10 premium over the standard outdoor security camera. The Wyze Scale S, meanwhile, is available to preorder starting today and will ship in November.