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Home Depot says its smart home app is for people who find the smart home space ‘intimidating’

Home Depot says its smart home app is for people who find the smart home space ‘intimidating’


No hub required, but Hubspace only works with a short list of its proprietary smart home products

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Scan a QR code on a compatible product to add to Home Depot’s Hubspace
Scan a QR code on a compatible product to add to Home Depot’s Hubspace
Home Depot

Home Depot has launched a smart home app meant to be an all-in-one for smart appliances and accessories the big box store sells, but it’s debatable why anyone would need it when Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa already exist.

Called Hubspace, the free app is available in Android and iOS app stores, and “enables light bulbs, smart plugs and ceiling fans to be controlled from anywhere,” according to a press release from Home Depot. It’s compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices, and works with a short list of products that Home Depot sells, from its proprietary brands such as Hampton Bay and EcoSmart. “There’s no need for a hub or extra equipment, and the platform already works with more than 20 products,” the press release explains.

OK, so there’s no hub required and you can control third-party devices from one app, which seems like it would add some convenience if you’ve got a ton of mismatched smart home brands in your collection but don’t want to set up a hub. But there are plenty of smart home products that users can control via the product’s own smart home app.

We asked a Home Depot spokesperson why consumers should use this app to control their smart home products instead of Alexa or Google Home to be sure we weren’t missing something.

Q. Is Hubspace meant to be a competitor to Alexa and Google Home? 

A. Hubspace was designed to be a simple, reliable, and responsible way to bring products from The Home Depot’s proprietary brands such as Hampton Bay, EcoSmart, and other product lines into Smart Home. Hubspace-connected products provide customers with a high-quality user experience to control products in the Hubspace app, once products are connected to the Hubspace platform it offers the ability to seamlessly integrate their products with third-party platforms in the fastest easiest way possible

Q. Because it appears all of the items on the list of compatible products are already compatible with Alexa or Google Home – why would someone need this third option? 

A. At The Home Depot, we know our DIYers look for easy-to-install and convenient solutions. Hubspace was created to make the convenience and sustainability benefits of Smart Home products available to anyone with a smart device and an internet connection – with no hub necessary and at an affordable price. Smart Home can be an intimidating space for some customers, Hubspace was designed to simplify the experience and to allow all customers the [sic] enjoy the benefits of Smart Home products.  

Q. And is it limited to that list of products only?

A. The Hubspace app was designed with the ability to support products from all the aisles of The Home Depot. We have started with products from within our lighting and electrical areas.

So there you have it. If you’re intimidated by smart home products, really don’t want to install a hub, and have these products that are sold at Home Depot, maybe you want this app. Each product can be added to Hubspace by scanning the QR code on the product’s packaging, and then connected to whatever voice assistant you prefer. Connecting the Hubspace account to a voice assistant (like Alexa) enables the voice commands.