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Microsoft Start is a personalized news feed designed for Windows 11, mobile, and more

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Microsoft News becomes Microsoft Start

Microsoft Start is a personalized news feed.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is launching Microsoft Start today, a personalized news feed that integrates into Windows 11 and is accessible online and on iOS and Android. Microsoft Start is very similar to the MSN feed that exists today and to Microsoft News. Microsoft is rebranding these into Microsoft Start and integrating the feed into the Windows 11 widgets section and the Windows 10 taskbar.

Much like Microsoft News, Microsoft Start includes news and media channels from more than 1,000 publishers. Microsoft uses AI and machine learning algorithms to sort through which news is presented to users and to personalize content based on interests and how you engage with content. There’s also some “human moderation” involved, but Microsoft did layoff dozens of journalists and editorial workers at its Microsoft News and MSN organizations last year, so it’s not clear how involved editors will be.

The new Microsoft Start logo will appear on mobile first.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft Start will surface top stories, personalized recommendations, and sports scores or the weather in its feed. It’s very much the combination of Microsoft’s efforts in recent years with MSN, Microsoft News, and the taskbar widget in Windows 10. MSN won’t be going away, but Microsoft Start will be the new brand for Microsoft News.

The standalone website,, will be accessible from all modern web browsers, and the mobile versions of Microsoft News will be rebranded to Microsoft Start. Once Windows 11 launches next month, Microsoft Start will also be available in widget form from the dedicated section of the new OS. Microsoft Edge will also include a Microsoft Start feed on the new tab page.

If you’re interested in trying out Microsoft Start, it’s available online right now or through the iOS and Android mobile apps.