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Mad Max: Fury Road’s iconic fleet of post-apocalyptic War Rigs are up for auction

Mad Max: Fury Road’s iconic fleet of post-apocalyptic War Rigs are up for auction


Oh what a lovely, lovely day!

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Mad Max Fury Road

Over a dozen vehicles from the 2015 cult classic Mad Max: Fury Road are being put up for a virtual auction. The vehicles will be available for bidding in a series of auctions held by Lloyds on September 25th-26th. 

Reading through the descriptions of each vehicle — and hats off to the auctioneers, they really did a commendable job describing each lot — really made me want to fire up George Miller’s blood-and-sand-drenched movie for another watch. WITNESS ME!

Blown, super-turbo charged and armed to the teeth with weaponry and War Boys, the machines that outran the end of civilisation have been unearthed in the greatest barn-find ever recorded.

Nitrous, noxious, and no-nonsense harbingers of hell, marking man’s uncanny ability to wring beauty even from that designed for death and destruction, art from power, meaning from machine.

Imagine going for a grocery run in the War Rig that was driven by Tom Hardy’s Max Rockatansky and Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa. Or picking up your kids from school in the Nux Wagon, the super-turbocharged, nitrous-boosted Deuce Coupe driven by Nicholas Hoult’s chrome-lipped true believer.

Personally, I may put in a bid for the Doof Wagon, the speaker-staked “morale machine” of Immortan Joe’s army of War Boys, intended to rally the troops and keep them pumped up for battle. As the film’s production designer said, “Every army needs a Little Drummer Boy.” Joe’s army had the Doof Warrior, a blind, bungee-attached psychopath who wielded a fire-breathing guitar.

(Unrelated to the auction, I was today years old when I learned that the Doof Warrior’s mask was made from the dried skin of his murdered mother’s screaming face, and now I probably won’t sleep for a week.)

If you live in Australia and need to inspect any of the vehicles before putting in a bid, an appointment can be made through Lloyds. The auction will also be livestreamed, so tune in if you want to see who gets what. No base prices have been set as of the publication of this article.

Here’s a full list of the available vehicles:

  1. The War Rig: Prime Mover Inc. tanker and ball pig-trailer
  2. The Gigahorse: W16 Cadillac pair
  3. The Doof Wagon
  4. Nux Car: 1932 three-window Chev Coupe, V8
  5. Convoy Car: Elvis
  6. Convoy Car: Jag Flamer
  7. Razor Cola: 1973 XB Falcon Coupe (The Interceptor reborn)
  8. Pole Car: Pontiac Surfari with 20’ pole counterweight
  9. Sabre Tooth: F250 Claw Car
  10. Fire Car: Dodge
  11. Caltrop: El Dorado
  12. Buggy: Ratrod Chev
  13. Buick: heavy artillery with Hummer weapon mount