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Twitter will now let all iOS and Android users record Spaces

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Recordings will be available for public playback for 30 days

Twitter is opening up the ability to record Spaces.
Image: Twitter

Twitter is now letting all Android and iOS users record Twitter Spaces, the company announced Thursday. Users will be able to choose to record a Space when they’re setting one up and the recording will be available for public playback for 30 days after the Space has ended. If you’re in a Space that’s being recorded, you’ll see an icon at the top of the Space letting you know.

You can see how it all works in this tweet from Twitter’s support account.

Twitter first introduced recording to a limited number of hosts in October, promising the feature would be available to all hosts “within a few weeks.” The company has been steadily adding features to Spaces since they first launched and recently opened up the ability for everyone on Android and iOS to be able to host a Space. (Previously, only users with 600 followers or more could host one.) You still can’t host a Space from the web, but you can join them.