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Horizon Forbidden West’s new story trailer brings back Aloy’s old friends

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Aloy goes into the west in new story trailer

Horizon Forbidden West is almost here, and to celebrate, PlayStation released a new trailer. In the new story trailer, we get a better idea of the threats Aloy will face going into the west. The land is dying, affected by some kind of ruinous blight that only Aloy armed with her Focus has the power to stop. To do so, she’ll mount her trusty strider and head west, exploring the beautiful ruins of famous landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge.

Aloy won’t be alone on her trip. Her old friends Erend and Varl will accompany her on her journey. Another old “friend,” Sylens, has also reappeared in the west and seems to be working for the Regalla, a tribe dedicated to war and conquest, giving them the means to command and control the machines.

In Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy will ride, hang glide, and scuba dive through gorgeous new locales, searching for the secrets of the new plague and the means to destroy it.

Horizon Forbidden West launches on PlayStation on February 18th.