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Halo Infinite gets a hotfix to address Big Team Battle problems, but it hasn’t helped

Halo Infinite gets a hotfix to address Big Team Battle problems, but it hasn’t helped


Developers admit today’s patch ‘did not fully resolve’ matchmaking problems

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Halo Infinite multiplayer
Halo Infinite multiplayer
Image: 343 Industries

Microsoft’s latest Halo game has finally arrived, and as we’ve seen, the Infinite campaign mode delivers. But for players already missing features like campaign co-op and Forge customizations, ongoing issues with the Halo Infinite Big Team Battle matchmaking have been another source of disappointment. A little over a week ago, the developers at 343 said a hotfix was on the way, and now it has arrived. But there’s bad news — it doesn’t seem to work.

The size of the update varies by platform, but players report it comes in at about a gigabyte on Xboxes and 110MB for PC players via Steam. If you’ve been online the whole time, you may need to restart your game to download it.

Here’s 343 on what’s happening:

Hey everyone - The Hotfix was deployed at 10AM PT today for Xbox and PC and included a fix for an issue with Oddball but also was hoped to address the ongoing matchmaking issues affecting Big Team Battle.

Unfortunately it looks like today’s patch did not fully resolve the BTB matchmaking problems. The team is continuing to investigate and while we believe there may be some minor improvements, matchmaking is still not working as expected.

Many people worked hard to get this fix out the door and it’s naturally very disappointing we’re not seeing the desired and expected results. We know this is an ongoing source of frustration and the team will continue to work towards a resolution.

We’ll continue to provide updates as we have them. In the meantime, we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this issue.

The aforementioned grants of 5 XP boosts and Challenge Swaps also went live at 10AM today. Log in any time between now and 10AM PT on Feb. 16 and they’ll be automatically added to your inventory.

Thank you and our sincere apologies that today’s update did not go as we’d hoped. More to come.

Their data is showing the same thing commenters on Reddit report — Big Team Battle is still a bit of a mess, with games that too frequently fail to start or drop many of the players before they get going. Now that accelerating these fixes from a planned mid-February patch has failed to fix things, it’s unclear what’s next for one of our favorite Halo modes.