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Elgato launches Stream Deck Pedal and official Discord plugin

Elgato launches Stream Deck Pedal and official Discord plugin


Hands-free control for Stream Deck

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Elgato is launching a new Stream Deck Pedal today, alongside official Discord integration. The Stream Deck Pedal is an $89.99 pad that has three pedals that can control software, hardware, and more. It looks ideal for streamers wanting to trigger effects, switch scenes, or even toggle cameras.

The Stream Deck Pedal is also great for accessibility, opening up streaming to those unable to use a traditional Stream Deck. As the Pedal extends the power of Stream Deck to more locations, it will likely be used by DJs and musicians to control their streams away from their PC.

Elgao’s new Stream Deck Pedal.
Elgao’s new Stream Deck Pedal.
Image: Elgato

Elgato says the Stream Deck Pedal supports multiple actions, so you can string together a bunch of Stream Deck functions that can trigger intermittently or all at once on a single pedal. So a single pedal could take a screenshot, open the folder where it’s stored, and launch Twitter to make it easy to share. Or you could change stream scenes, play a new song, and switch to a voice changer all from a single pedal.

Much like Stream Deck itself, the Pedal is highly customizable and can even be used to control Zoom calls, Photoshop, and many more apps.

The pedals have a grippy surface and anti-skit feet so that the Stream Deck Pedal will stay in place under a desk easily. There are also interchangeable springs inside, and it appears you can adjust the pedal pressure accordingly.

Alongside the Stream Deck Pedal, Elgato is also finally launching its official Discord Stream Deck plugin. Until now, you’ve had to use third-party plugins to quickly mute a Discord call on a Stream Deck. Elgato’s new plugin supports microphone mute, push-to-talk, the ability to join voice channels, and even switching text channels.

Elgato’s new Stream Deck Pedal is available immediately at the company’s online store for $89.99.