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For a short while, Sony made it easier to get PS5 screenshots on your phone

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Perhaps ahead of letting you save your epic Horizon Forbidden West screenshots

You can now auto-upload your PS5 captures from your console to your phone
Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Sony seems to be close to making it a lot easier to share PS5 screenshots outside of your console. The company had appeared to be rolling out a way to have screenshots and videos captured on your PS5 auto-upload to the PlayStation app but now it’s gone. Sony began testing the feature in Canada and Japan in October, and it became available for me in the US on Tuesday night, but less than 24 hours later I am unable to use it.

When the feature was first available for me, to get it to work, I had to do a couple of things. First, I had to open up the Media Gallery on my PS5, which you can find by going to the Games menu, scrolling all the way to Game Library icon, clicking that, and navigating to the Media Gallery. (If you’ve accessed the Media Gallery more recently, you might see it alongside your recently-played games.) When I opened the app, a prompt appeared that gave me the option to “Enable Auto-Upload,” which I selected.

Here’s the prompt you’ll see that lets you turn the feature on.
Screenshot by Jay Peters / The Verge

Captures I took after enabling the feature didn’t immediately start appearing on the PlayStation mobile app on my iPhone, though — I had to manually force quit the app first. When I re-opened it, a notice appeared telling me that PS5 captures would begin to show up. To see them on the app, tap the Game Library icon on the navigation bar (next to the magnifying glass), and then tap “Captures,” and you’ll see any captures you’ve taken since activating the auto-upload feature.

Previously, taking captures off your PS5 was a much more arduous process. One workaround I had been using was messaging screenshots to a friend via party chat. That would make them show up in the app as part of the party chat, but it often meant sending that friend a heads up about why you were spamming them random screenshots. (Sorry about that, Mitchell.) You can also transfer captures to a USB drive, but that option means you also have to take them off the drive to add them to your camera roll or social media site of your choice. This new auto-upload feature is far simpler, and I hope it returns soon.

Sony says that clips and screenshots will be available on the app for 14 days after you create them on your PS5. For video, clips up to 3 minutes in length and with up to a 1920 x 1080 resolution will be uploaded. Trophy moments won’t be uploaded.

Update January 26th, 12:28PM ET: Sony appears to have pulled the feature.