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Death Stranding Director’s Cut on PC will be a $10 upgrade if you already own the original game

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Director’s Cut will be available on March 30th on Steam and the Epic Games Store

Director’s Cut launches on March 30th.
Image: 505 Games

Death Stranding Director’s Cut will be launching on PC on March 30th, publisher 505 Games announced Thursday, and people who already own the original version of the game will be able to upgrade for $9.99. The game will be available both on Steam and on the Epic Games Store, and to take advantage of the upgrade offer, you’ll have to have the original Death Stranding already installed on your PC.

Director’s Cut will also be available for a $39.99 standalone purchase. If you want a cheaper way to get Director’s Cut, though, you might want to consider picking up the base version of Death Stranding during 505 Games’ current sale on Steam and the Epic Games Store and upgrading when Director’s Cut is available.

Previously, the release timeline for the PC version of Death Stranding Director’s Cut had been a vague spring 2022, so it’s nice to see that the game will come out on the sooner side of the season. If you want to get an idea of what to expect with Director’s Cut, check out our article about the PS5 version that was released last year.