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Logitech’s latest mechanical keyboards are affordable and understated

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Starting at $69.99 for a compact model

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Logitech’s G413 TKL.
Image: Logitech

Logitech has announced a pair of new wired mechanical keyboards, G413 SE and G413 TKL SE. The first is a fullsize keyboard costing $79.99, and the second is a tenkeyless model, which omits the numpad for a more compact footprint and costs $69.99.

The G413 SE and G413 TKL SE are interesting for a couple of reasons. First is that unlike many of Logitech’s other keyboards, these designs are relatively understated. The cases are a simple black-brushed aluminum-magnesium alloy with a plain Logitech G logo on the top right. Meanwhile, the keycaps use a simple black design and are made of durable PBT plastic with transparent lettering that lets the keyboard’s white backlighting shine through.

There’s all a fullsize version, the G413 SE.
Image: Logitech

Unlike the original G413, they also use a fairly standard set of Cherry MX-style switches rather than Logitech’s in-house Romer-G switches. The G413 SE and G413 TKL SE’s switches aren’t actually manufactured by Cherry — Logitech spokesperson Derek Perez tells me they’re Longhua switches — but the important thing here is that they’ll be compatible with replacement keycaps in case you want to customize the keyboard down the road. The switches are described as “tactile,” meaning they should feel similar to Cherry’s MX Brown switch.

And, to reiterate, their prices start at $69.99, which when it comes to mechanical keyboards produced by big name manufacturers is relatively affordable. Logitech says both will go on sale next month.